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Science Audiences Growing Fast

Global warming ubx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   If you want to be an independent science writer you have to be committed to the learning by practicing process. It takes some courage because this career is in no way a spectator sport. Trying new approaches and learning the most intense information in the history of human … Continue reading

Freee typing

Maybe I should start freee typing into these silly HTML editorz. Who is really listening. If you want to know who listens to your prayers compare a posted blog to an un-posted blog. With are the differences between the amoutn of page viws? This is an easy one! The main point of this post is … Continue reading

Writing in the Sciences

Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata). Jigokudani Hot Spring, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Monkeys taking a bath in those springs are famous. Image taken in February 14, 2005. Français : Macaque japonais (Macaca fuscata). Sources chaudes de Jigokudani, Préfecture de Nagano, Japon. Ces sources sont connues pour les singes qui s’y baignent. Photo prise le 14 février 2005. … Continue reading

Connecting to the World of Science

This is just another science writing blog discussing the daily routines of science writers and other freelancers. Freelance science writing is going to be a career long into the future start now where ever on the road of life you are. Related articles Part 1: The Art of Writing Science Articles Using Long Tail Keywords (freelancesciencewriting.com) Writing Clichés: Let’s … Continue reading

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