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So much science so little time. This week I have some hip replacement surgery information. The most important parts to know are left or right and “Yes,” you want to go through with it. Our recent Guest Laurel showed us how even in the worst situations there can be success with this type of surgery.

The head of the femur (Lat. caput femoris) wit...

The head of the femur (Lat. caput femoris) with some synovium attached at the bottom and the ligament of the head of the femur (Lat. ligamentum capitis femoris) attached at the top. Ruler in centimeters at left side. Specimen obtained after total hip replacement surgery, left hip. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many new ways to reach audiences that even the New York Times is reducing staff to reconsider its position in the world of media. That is why it is critical to start science writing training now so you don’t fall behind. Its all new and if you thought you might have had an idea of what science journalism was like then guess again. We are doing more online then off these days. Even though the scientists are in the blab they are looking for ways to get the word out and using the internet more and more.  

There is much more to learn about getting total hip replacement. A definitive guide was republished on our site this time in the light of a very successful and smooth sailing operation. If you have considered major surgery before or your doctor is recommending it, it is important that you know you must quit smoking, and stay that way, up until you have completely healed.

Learning computers has become no more than a logic problem these days, so I group computers and math as such. This new way to program, well not new but new to me, called an Android xml editor, was a recent topic I discussed with my El Paso audience. They enjoyed the fact that now they can make their own applications in less time and also they can get training in no time flat.

Do you want science writing services, of course, we all do! That’s why today is your lucky day; I am being super silly here. Come over to our site by clicking any link and check out the $1000 you can win. I know giving away a grand sounds like a scam but take a look we are here for the science writing community.


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