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Freelance science writing all day and night. I'm an expert at writing, marketing, and publishing. Providing writing services nearly everyday, SEO rich articles about science and tech are my specialties. I also love to make money so I'm for hire as an independent communications expert and business consultant with specializations in project management, writing, science, and engineering. With a vast network of professionals in various fields backed by two degrees, 180 credits hours, 6 graduate courses and several awards and recommendations along the way, who could go wrong?
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Do Selflessness And Rape Aid In Evolution?

Do Selflessness And Rape Aid In Evolution?.   Advertisements

Designing a Science Filled Future

I have been up to my ears sorting out the best science writing resources for my audience on my science ezine. There has never been a better time to talk about what you know because others want to know it too. Those in Africa need hygiene tips that you might find common sense. If you … Continue reading

Freelance Science Books

ONAMI – University of Oregon (Photo credit: Wolfram Burner) Next book idea is for anyone who has experienced firsthand the trauma of major surgery. You’re now a health experience in a very estranged area that many need encouragement and knowledge of and within. This can be your calling as with our recent guest contributor Laurel. … Continue reading

Science, Science, Science, Science

So much science so little time. This week I have some hip replacement surgery information. The most important parts to know are left or right and “Yes,” you want to go through with it. Our recent Guest Laurel showed us how even in the worst situations there can be success with this type of surgery. … Continue reading

SEO and Science

Uganda’s Coat of arms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   This is the first time two sets of “syns” have run “sim”. I will be attempting a “cont. syn” process to help the SEO of my newest science writing website. All of the “lingo” being used you will see in my new my on SEO of scientists. … Continue reading

Free Lance Science Why?

HIV Data (1990, 2000, 2010) (Photo credit: cmdelaserna)   Blogging about what I do as a science writer is not always easy. Many days I do very little as a science writer, but I do a lot with publishing and marketing my writing. I try to do everything “in house” so I have learned enough … Continue reading

The Website Blew Up! It’s a Good Thing

It is Mother’s Day for some but I am writing science for all. There is no need to take a day off from something you love. It is like trying to stop eating or breathing. The awesome science writing services I provide for companies, magazines, and newsrooms come from this love, for sure. Right now … Continue reading

Waving Fun at the Sciences

Science writing services are the wave of the future. The days of not knowing science are over. Just to get out of bed, I taught of the science of sleeping, “hypnology”, the science of walking, called kinesiology. The amount of information being developed everyday is also staggering. This makes for an inversed “double whammy” for … Continue reading

Shocking Science

Just Shocking! (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Here is a great article, the first on I ever published online. It’s about translator technology, the holy grail of engineering…(Read More)

What have I been up too?

I cannot imagine a time in human history without access to science. Science writing services are now making even the “ordinary Joe” able to tell the world about “himself”. There are many ways to write about science and that is why science writing services are so helpful. They specialize at knowing how to write science … Continue reading

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